God provides for His ministry through His people to accomplish His will.


Faith Community Foundation is merely a tool to educate, encourage, and enable people to enhance their personal stewardship of the resources God has provided to them within the framework of the legitimate, legal opportunities granted to them in this country.



Serving Contributors

Faith Community Foundation exists to serve contributors!  The purpose of Faith Community Foundation is to help people achieve their stewardship objectives.  Many people desire to be effective stewards for the Lord.  Faith Community Foundation will help people learn how they can improve their stewardship in a variety of ways.  Providing information and resources, along with the capability to implement their goals and dreams will be a major thrust of Faith Community Foundation.  Many people never realize how they can help their favorite ministries while providing for their personal needs, and the needs of their loved ones. Faith Community Foundation will provide a full array of charitable planning tools, from the point of planning and assisting with the creation of a Last Will and Testament, to the planning, creation, funding, and management of sophisticated charitable agreements.  People will be able to create charitable annuity agreements designed to remember their local churches or their favorite ministry through Faith Community Foundation.  The foundation will have the capacity through its network of relationships to offer trustee services for IRA accounts and other tax-deferred plans.  People with highly appreciated assets will have access to a number of split interest charitable agreements designed to eliminate or defer capital gains taxes while offering improved current income to the contributors or their loved ones.


Serving Ministry Organizations

Faith Community Foundation will partner with charitable organizations to provide the expertise, resources, and skills to help their contributors with gifting alternatives that the organization is not in a position to offer.  Faith Community Foundation will provide representatives to visit alongside ministry representatives to call on their contributors to assist in developing and implementing charitable plans to satisfy the desire of the contributor to support that charity and other charities.  The confidentiality of the contributor and the charity will be protected at all times by Faith Community Foundation representatives.  Some organizations may desire to delegate their investment management activities to Faith Community Foundation to manage on a pooled basis with improved investment asset allocation and risk management opportunities.  As people and organizations participate in the investment activities of the foundation, they should benefit from efficiencies of scale and access to professional services that would not normally be engaged by the charitable organizations.


Training & Education

Faith Community Foundation will provide training opportunities, seminars, articles, and information to facilitate people to become aware of charitable giving opportunities that will allow them to be better stewards.  The purpose of Faith Community Foundation is to enable and empower believers to fulfill their personal, Biblical stewardship goals.


Donor Advised Accounts

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