Mission & Values

Mission Statement and Core Values*

The mission of Faith Community Foundation is:

Serving contributors and the organizations they care about, to achieve their stewardship objectives with exemplary professional services as servants of Jesus Christ.


Faith Community Foundation offers competent, charitable, Christ-like services to contributors using capable, experienced, knowledgeable professionals who are committed to serving Jesus Christ and His church in the areas of charitable giving, estate planning, and deferred giving.

Faith Community Foundation exists to achieve the financial objectives of people who are committed to being wise stewards of the financial resources God has entrusted to them.

Faith Community Foundation’s core values are designed to assure consistent delivery of its quality services with accountability and full disclosure while assuring appropriate confidentiality.  The core values acknowledge the significance of and unqualified commitment to:

    • The Authority of and Submission to The Word of God
    • The Centrality of the Church
    • The Worth and Dignity of the Individual
    • The Priority of Servanthood
    • The Practice of Integrity
    • The Responsibility of Stewardship

*Adopted by the Board of Directors on January 18, 2006